MyCurator version 1.3.3

Our new update makes it as easy as a single click to insert content or images from your saved article into a curated post.  The click copy feature is available in the WordPress Editor whenever you have a saved readable page in the Saved Page Meta Box, including all of the saved pages in a Multi post.

Click Copy Feature

In the image below, you can see that when you  roll your cursor through the Saved Page meta box, each paragraph, list and table will be highlighted in yellow.  Just click while the element you want is highlighted and it will be immediately inserted into the post at the current cursor.

Mycurator Click Copy Feature


Similarly, just click on an image and a dialog box will open up as shown below.  If you choose Insert, the image will be inserted into the post at the current cursor position, with the alignment and size you’ve chosen.  If you choose Featured, then the image will become the Featured Image for the post (alignment and size are ignored).  In either case you can set the title/alt tag for SEO, with the post title as the default value.

MyC image copy


The click-copy feature is only available when in the Visual mode of the editor, it does not work when in text mode.  You can also turn off the click-copy feature if you want to cut and paste smaller amounts of text than a full paragraph or if the highlighting doesn’t capture an element the way you would like.  Just click the check box on the upper right of the saved page.

Get It to Draft

The Get It tool will now allow you to post an article directly to Draft, bypassing the Training Page.  If you know you are going to be curating the article into a post, just put it into draft, and you can even follow directly into the editor.  Of course the new Click Copy feature will be available in the editor so you can easily add the appropriate text and pictures and Publish!

You still will need to choose the Topic for the post.  This allows MyCurator to set the correct category and tags for the article when it is posted.

You don’t need to drag a new Get It button to your bookmarks bar, these new features will automatically appear with the old button.

Line Breaks in Excerpt

A new option is available to store line breaks in the excerpt that MyCurator creates.  Especially if you are using over 40 words for an excerpt, this will make the excerpt much more readable.  You can choose the option “Save Line Breaks in Excerpt?” from the Format tab, near the bottom.

Warning: This option does not work when you display the readable page on the Single Post page.  If you have this option set, do not create line breaks in the excerpt or you will see both the excerpt and then the full readable page.

Image Option and Other Updates

You now have the option to use the Post Title as the title of the image in the media library and as the Alt text for the image on the page.  This assures you have some text on the image for SEO purposes.  You can still always edit the text in the Editor or the Media Gallery.  Check the option “Use Post Title for Image Title & Alt Tag” in the Format tab near the bottom to turn on this option.

A few other updates include adding a Source field to the Activity Log.  This allows you to see which of your sources are providing which articles to MyCurator.  In addition, the link for an image, either inserted into the post or set as the Featured Image is now pointing at the Post, not the image url.  For paid plans you can also hide the MyCurator menu for anyone who is not an admin.  The Get It option is available still.  This is to make it easy to control access to MyCurator for multiple author sites.

We’ve also done some internal coding to prepare for the new Notebooks feature, hopefully for the next release.  The click copy feature, along with the new Notebooks, should make MyCurator a great content writing platform, as well as a content curation tool.

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Hey, Mark;
These are TERRIFIC upgrades. Nice work!
I’ve been too busy to send you feedback/input, but sure haven’t forgotten!
But you’ve just added some great features here.
Thanks for the enhancements!

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