MyCurator version 1.3.4 Works with new Twitter API

The new update to version 1.3.4 of MyCurator will restore the capability to capture content from Twitter.

Twitter has moved to a new form of access to their content.  All access must come from a Twitter user, and must come through a Twitter App if you are not logged in to their site.  To use MyCurator to search Twitter for content, you must set up a Twitter App.  Once you have created a Twitter App, you just copy a couple of keys to the Twitter Tab in the MyCurator Options menu.  The Twitter API documentation walks you through this process, with screenshots for reference.

You Do Not have to change any of your previous Twitter Searches or Follows that you set up through the News or Twitter menu item.  As soon as you add your new Consumer Key/Secret to the Twitter Options tab and Save Options, your old Twitter searches will start to work again.

Google Alert Changes

Google Alerts are losing the ability to be received as a feed.  With the discontinuation of Google Reader, Google has also changed the Google Alert so that you cannot choose to have it delivered as a feed.  See our blog post about it.

For new Alerts, we recomend  The service looks just like Google Alerts.  In testing, we have found it to work well, providing a lot of content, though sometimes not as focused as Google Alerts.

We have updated our Source It tool  to capture Talkwalker Alerts.  Go to the Manage Alerts screen (you must set up an account for this capability).  Click on the RSS symbol on the left of an alert, next to the Checkbox.  The computer-formatted RSS feed should display.  Just click on your Source It button, give the feed a name and save it – just like with Google Alerts.  You can also turn off email notifications on the Manage Alerts screen with a button under the Alerts listings, so that your  inbox is not inundated.

Other Updates

  • The Quick Tag now displays line breaks correctly in the Notes and Excerpts fields, and saves them correctly in the post.  You can also copy text with line breaks from the article into the Notes/Excerpt field and the breaks will be retained.
  • The Get It tool has been updated to save any training or  draft posts with the current user (who clicked the Get It bookmarklet), not the default user for the Topic or the overall default user.
  • A fix to the display of the readable page where numbers preceded by dollar  signs would be formatted incorrectly, dropping the first few numbers.
  • Some changes to the background process of MyCurator to stop multiple simultaneous runs by WP-Cron.