MyCurator Version 2.0 Released

The focus of MyCurator version 2.0 is our new Notebooks feature.  Like Evernote, only integrated into WordPress, Notebooks let you save the best articles that MyCurator has found for future use!


Notebooks support you beyond simple curation of a single article into a single post. You can store articles throughout the week for a weekly roundup or maybe a point-counterpoint discussion of an issue. You can also use notebooks to research a topic, finding the best articles and ideas and storing them for reference. When you craft an original article you can easily use quotes and images from the Notebook articles as you write.

When you are in the WordPress Editor, you will see a new meta box in the right-hand column with a Notebooks drop down.  Just choose a Notebook and all of your saved articles in that Notebook will be added to your Saved Page meta box.  Each article will have the full readable page and images.  Just use the Click-Copy feature to add quotes, attribution and images from any of the articles into your Post.

You will see a new Notebooks menu item in the MyCurator menu.  Here you can create your Notebooks.  Once you have a Notebook created, you can add articles directly from your Training Posts in the admin, your Training Page or the Get It bookmarklet.  Just look for the new [NoteBk] tag for each article in the Training area.

Check out or Notebooks video and documentation for more details.

YouTube Video Curation

You can now create a YouTube search directly from MyCurator.  Choose the News, Twitter, YouTube menu item from the MyCurator menu.  Make sure you click the YouTube search radio button.  Then just add in your keywords, give it a name and a link category, and save.  Now MyCurator will search YouTube in the background and return videos based on the keywords you entered.  See our Sources documentation.

NOTE: YouTube searches should only be used with Video type Topics.  This will give you the correct formatting to embed any videos directly into the post, as well as the new features below.

We’ve updated our video curation Topic to add some more formatting options for YouTube videos.  Remember that you must use a Topic of type Video to access the video curation capabilities.

Version 2.0 allows you to capture the Description of a YouTube video to go along with the video that is being embedded.  The description of the video is the text entered by the author that you see on the YouTube site for the video.  This text usually contains the links the author wants to highlight in their video.  Because of this, we also have an option to not add in the link to the actual site in your curated post.

You can read more about the new options in our Options documentation.

Other Features and Fixes

  • The Get It bookmarklet has a new tab to save articles to Notebooks.  You can also check “Set Get It Default Tab to Notebooks” in the Basic Options tab to have Get It open with the new Notebooks tab selected by default.  See our Get It documentation for more details.
  • Google Alerts RSS delivery is back!  You can use Google alerts just as you did before.  We’ve added a fix to version 2.0 to support some minor changes in how the alerts link is formatted.  Watch for a blog post on the new alerts soon.
  • A new index page has been added to the Saved Page meta box if there are more than 5 article tabs.  The new index will show up when using the Multi curation feature as well as our new Notebooks feature.  In  fact you can use the two together – and you will see why you need an index to keep track of all of your article sources.
  • The check box to turn off the Click Copy feature in the WordPress editor saved page meta box is now only accessible in the first article tab.
  • The Excluded Keywords entry has been made a Text Area in the Topics page for easier entry of long lists of keywords.
  • Some changes have been added to the background process of MyCurator to restart at the last feed being processed if the process ends too soon.
  • In the Training Posts in the Admin Dashboard, the word Published and a count at the top of the page have been dropped as all training posts are ‘published’.  The All and Trash counts are also updated as you work on the list.