MyCurator Version 2.1.1

The new version of MyCurator content curation software for WordPress adds the ability to post curated content to custom post types.  Adding custom post type support provides great flexibility in organization and display of content.  

Any Topic can be used to post curated articles to a custom post type instead of a standard post.  When you Make Live a Training Post for the Topic, it will become a Draft of the Custom Post Type you’ve chosen for the Topic.  See our Custom Post Type documentation for more details of how to use this new feature.

Video Options

We’ve also added several new Options  in the Curation tab for Video type curation Topics.  You can now choose an alignment for your video of left, right or center.  You can also capture the YouTube thumbnail for the video as your featured image.  This option works best for those whose blog or home page doesn’t display the video (if it does display the video, this option may display duplicate images).  If you are capturing the video description, it will now be shortened to your Excerpt size you have set in Options.

Manually Run Background Process

You can manually run the MyCurator background process to check for articles.  Choose Topics from the MyCurator menu.  You will see a checkbox for each Topic on the right and a check/uncheck all box in the header.  You can choose which Topics you would like to run manually by checking them (default is all).  Then just click the Run AI Process button in the Top Left.

Other New Features

  • Updated image capture should provide more images for the articles found by MyCurator.
  • A new Option to insert the first captured image at the bottom of the post instead of the top.
  • Our email support address is added to the MyCurator home page menu item in the Important Links section.
  • Some formatting problems with Get It and Source It when used with WP 3.8 are fixed.
  • All Topic lists are sorted alphabetically for easier use.