MyCurator Version 2.1.2

The new version of MyCurator content curation software for WordPress adds the ability to place the attribution link to the original article to the top of the post rather than the default of the bottom of the post.  You can set this option in the Curation tab of the Options page.

The other elements of this release are focused on fixing recurring problems with the Training tags disappearing from the Trianing Posts entries.  Whenever MyCurator runs the background process it will check that the Topic taxonomy is correct in the WordPress files and rebuild it if not.  Incorrect Topic Taxonomy is the chief reason that the Training tags were disappearing.

Even though the Taxonomy is fixed each time the backgroud process run, sometimes previously found articles will lose their training tags.  If you see some of the articles that you would like to curate, you can get around the missing [Make Live] tag.  Click on the URL for the article in the far right.  When the article opens in a new tab, use the Get It tool to post the article to Draft.  After curating articles that you want, use the bulk delete option to remove those without Training tags.

Some other fixes include resetting the background Cron process if missing when you go to the Training Posts page.  Topics are sorted by name in the Topics dropdown in the Logs page.

Finally, we’ve been working on our cloud process and are now processing over 1 million articles every week!  Thanks for your support and for using MyCurator.