MyCurator Version 2.1 Upgrade Description

With MyCurator version 2.1 we are upgrading our background process to allow even faster processing on your site.   A new option to use “Request Processing Mode” in the Admin tab turns on the new feature.

With request processing on, the url’s of articles in your sources are sent to the cloud process without waiting for them to be processed.  MyCurator then checks back a bit later (within an hour) and collects all of the articles . This allows the background process to finish in seconds rather than up to several minutes for sites getting a lot of articles.

All sites should benefit with this option, especially if you have a lot of Sources or Topics.   Along with the request mode is an option to “Use Inline Site Processing”. This is a simpler and more reliable method of starting up the background process.  It may also be the only way to run the MyCurator background process on hosts with very tight security.  Check both of these options to get the best performance from MyCurator.

In this release we have also added the ability to create Notebooks directly from the Get It Bookmarklet as well as when you use the [NoteBk] training tag. Now if you find an article and realize it should be in a new Notebook, just enter a name for the new Notebook and then save your article to it all in one step.

A few fixes include support for a network active MyCurator to set up correctly when a new blog is added to a WordPress multisite installation.  The notice of a duplicate index on pr_url should not show up in the site error log (except on some updates of MyCurator).