How To

Nothing showing up in my Training Posts or Pages

MyCurator should run automatically in the background without you doing anything, posting content that you can review in the Training Posts in the Admin or your Training page.  If nothing is showing up, then this article will help you figure out what is wrong and what you can do to fix it.

The first step is to see if MyCurator is still working in the background.  You can go to the Logs menu item and then choose Process from the Activity drop down in the upper right.  Press Select Filter to display the Process Log. You should see messages like “Cron starting MyCurator” in the Process Log.  This tells you that MyCurator did try to run.  Check the last date and time of the latest message.

If the last date and time are old, or if you don’t see any Cron starting messages, then your Cron process may have stopped.   Just go to the Options menu item and click the Save Options button. This should restart the Cron process. It may take a few hours for it to start.

If you do see the Cron starting messages and they are recent then MyCurator is running.  Now choose Activity from the drop down and then Select Filter.  This page will display a row for each article found by MyCurator and what happened to it.  Many times your filter keywords you set up for your Topic may have filtered out an article.  You will see a message such as “No Search 1 keyword found”.  For a complete discussion of the various messages on this page, see our Logs documentation.

Based on these messages, you may find that no articles are appearing on your Training Posts page because they are all being filtered out.  Adjust your keywords – fewer Search 1 or more Search 2 words – to get more articles.

Finally, if you don’t see any messages in the Activity log, then check the Error log by setting the drop down to Error and then Select Filter.  The error log may have entries such as “No RSS Link for Feed” or “A feed could not be found”.  This means that your Sources may have problems.  See our earlier article on Sources problems as well as our Logs documentation for more information on the Error log.

These steps should get you back to discovering new content each day with MyCurator.  If you are still having problems, use the Contact Us menu item on our site or our Support Forum at WordPress and we’ll work to get it fixed.