Free Individual Plan

The Individual Plan is great for bloggers and businesses who want to curate articles on a single topic for their audience.

  • 1 Topic of Curated Content
  • 5 Sources of Articles
  • Single site
  • 2 Notebooks
  • Always Free
Pro Plan – $15 per Month

Choose the Pro Plan to cover a range of Topics from many Sources. Great for small businesses.

  • 6 Topics of Curated Content
  • Unlimited Sources
  • 2 Sites
  • Unlimited Notebooks
  • 30 Day Free Trial with No Credit Card Needed
Business Plan – $30 per Month

The Business Plan lets you curate on multiple sites, with unlimited Topics of content on each site.

  • Unlimited Topics
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Unlimited Notebooks
  • 6 Sites
  • 30 Day Free Trial with No Credit Card Needed

Have Questions?

How many Topics do I need?

Each Topic in MyCurator provides curated articles to a single Category in WordPress.  For example an e-wallet startup may have  Industry News and Mobile Payment Stories as Categories on their blog, which would require 2 MyCurator Topics to provide unique content for each Category.

How does the Trial work?

You will receive a full working copy of MyCurator and an API Key that lets you use the software for 30 days.  At any time you can upgrade to a paid plan to continue your use after 30 days.

What does a Site mean?

A site is a blog or website powered by WordPress that has MyCurator installed.  The Individual Plan is for a single site only.  Our paid plans allow 2 and 6 sites.

How do I install MyCurator?

MyCurator installs just like any plugin.  When you sign up for a plan you will receive a download link and an API Key.

What is an API Key for?

The API Key is used to access our cloud service to perform intensive AI processing and article classification. This allows MyCurator to maintain a low processing overhead on your site.

What are Sources?

Sources are any RSS feed from a blog or site as well as Google News and Alerts, Twitter searches and YouTube searches.  MyCurator checks these feeds and searches throughout the day for new articles to curate.

What are Notebooks?

Notebooks are like Evernote, only integrated into the WordPress editor.  They let you research and save related articles for curation as well as original posts.

Why a monthly payment for paid plans?

Monthly payments match our costs to deliver articles to your site daily from our cloud service, ensuring our support continues long after you sign up.

What types of Payment are accepted?

We use PayPal to handle our transactions.  You do not have to have a PayPal account and can use a credit card for the monthly billing.  PayPal accounts are also accepted of course.

Can I upgrade my plan in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade any time to a paid plan for more Topics or use on more sites.

Any other questions before you try MyCurator?

If you have any other questions, please use the Contact Us form on our site and we’ll get back to you right away.