How To

Quickly Curating Content with the Get It Bookmarklet

You can immediately start curating content as soon as you install MyCurator.  After adding your API Key into the Options page, just go to the Get It & Source It menu item and drag the Get It bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar of your browser (see our Documentation and Video for more details).

You are ready to go! When you are reading an article in your browser just click the Get It bookmark. Now you have several options.

  • If you want to just save the article and curate it later just save it as a Draft post. You can come back to it later and work on it when you are ready.
  • if you are ready to curate it to your site right now, choose Save Draft & Edit. You will be placed in the editor with the curated article as a draft post. You can edit or change the excerpt by clicking to copy paragraphs from the saved full page. Add your own comments and opinions then click Publish and it’s live.
  • You may want to save the article for future use, maybe combining it with some others for a weekly roundup post. Click on the Notebooks tab and you can save it to a Notebook for future use. When you are ready, you can bring all of the articles stored in that Notebook into the editor with the full text and images.

For some, just curating content manually may be all you need. In that case, you can turn off the automated content discovery tools of MyCurator. In the Options menu, just clear the “Turn on MyCurator” option.

With just the Get It tool and Notebooks, you can curate single articles, build complex curated posts with multiple articles and even research and write original articles using Notebooks.