Real World Content Curation – Interact Business Group Blog

The Interact Business Group uses MyCurator to curate content for their blog.  Bill does an excellent job providing news and information as well as his own comments on his targeted niche of Law Enforcement and Fire Service.  Check out his blog for some ideas on how to curate content on your site.

We gathered some information from Bill on curation and MyCurator.

How do you use Content Curation on your site?

We are about 50/50 some content we gather and curate multiple news articles  into a full blog post of around 1500/3000 words. Other times we pull direct news links and headlines into our blog.

Have you seen benefits in Google Rankings and/or community engagement from content curation?

Not yet, We are working hard on our key words. It will come!

What feature of MyCurator do you like the best?

The “Get It” feature button and how we can take multiple articles on a subject and create full featured posts