How To

Removing Articles from Specific Sites

Do you get those annoying articles for job postings or pr releases all the time? This happens frequently when you use a broad alert or twitter search – see our previous article on content discovery. There is a way to exclude them from appearing in your training posts.

MyCurator has a field in the Topic page called “Skip Domains” that you can use. The domain of the URL is where the home page of a website is located. For example is the domain for our website. Anything after the .com (or other ending such as .org or .net) refers to a specific page on the website.

The Skip Domains field lets you enter any domain that you want to exclude. You could enter to exclude any posts from the Monster job site. Make sure you enter just one excluded domain per line. If a post URL has the text anywhere in its domain, it will be immediately discarded.

This field can be even easier and more powerful. You don’t need to enter the www, just will match and exclude the Monster job site. You could go even smaller and use just monster.

Another example would be to enter just the word jobs in this field. Now any site that has the word jobs in the domain, such as or healthcare or would be skipped and nothing will be posted from the site.

You might have noticed that this could also cause some other types of sites to be excluded. So in the field would also exclude truck – which is probably ok!  But the jobs word would exclude, which you might want.

The key is to use as much of the domain name that you want to exclude for more exact targeting. If you want to go broader, spend some time thinking about how an entry may show up in other sites.