How To

Run AI Process Timeouts

If you run the MyCurator article collection process manually (Run AI Process button on “the Topics page) you may have seen an error message such as “internal server 500 error” or it just hangs up on the Topics page screen.  Similarly if you look in the Logs – Process filter you may see the that the background process just stops without reading all of the Topics or Sources.  What is happening?

The problem is that your server is stopping the AI Process after 60 seconds of running. This is a typical limit set by your host. You could ask them if they can increase the PHP Script execution time to 2 minutes or so.

The first thing to try is to use Request Mode processing (Options – Admin tab). This will implement a two step process which will request articles from the cloud service and then within an hour go back and get them. If you are running the process manually, just wait 10 minutes or so and then run it again and you can collect your articles.

This will usually solve any timeout problems. The only downside is you have to wait a bit to get all of your Training Posts.

If request mode still times out or you aren’t using it and your host won’t increase your limit, you can still get around the error. You just run the AI Process several times in a row. It will realize what it has already processed and get to where it left off. Depending on the number of Sources you have, after a few runs it should finish successfully with a message of Process Completed at the top of a page.

Similarly the background process will also restart where it left off the next time it runs. If this is happening a lot, make sure you set the background process to run every three hours. That way you will get a batch of articles throughout the day and most likely will process all of your feeds and Topics in full each day.