Content Curation

The Best Content Curation is More Than Mindlessly Sharing Links

* Along with the content marketing hype there comes another content craze, depending on the context a smaller or bigger one, which is called content curation . Curation is seemingly everywhere, it’s great and everybody either does it or […]

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How to be better than the competition at content curation – its not about quantity but quality.  Using your skills and intuition to find top quality posts and articles for curation is key.   Of note is his review of several ’round-up’ type post strategies.  These can be very effective if done well, and he has some links to some examples.

We are looking at a new feature for MyCurator to support these ’round-up’ posts.  The essence would be to put aside some of the articles MyCurator finds into a special holding area.  When you are ready to write the post, you can choose several articles to bring into the WordPress editor, and they will all be available inside tabs in the Saved Page widget at the bottom.  That should make it easy to quote from multiple posts, and add the attributions, into your ‘best of’ post.

Nobody can read them all so why drop links all the time? Less is more here. When timeliness, quality and overview converge curated content is best and most useful.

Why should you curate content in the first place you may also ask: you will get expert status by selecting the best resources. You don’t have to write each outstanding piece yourself. Showing that you know which one rocks may already suffice to get respect and recognition from industry peers.

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