How To

Source It or Get It Display a Not Found or Error Web Page

When you first try out MyCurator, some clients find that the Source It and Get It tools display a “404 Not Found” page from their web site.  Another case is they display a “500 Internal Server Error” page.  In both of these instances, the cause is that the Get It or Source It tools are being blocked from operation by your host installation.

A couple of things to check.  First, you (or your host) need to make sure that the wp-content and wp-content/plugins directories both have file permissions set to 755 or lower. If they are publicly writeable (usually 777 permission) MyCurator Source It and Get It will be blocked by WordPress from operating.

If permissions are ok, then your host is probably implementing some very tight security that blocks MyCurator’s access to the Source It or Get It tool.  Click on the Get It or Source It bookmarklet and when the small window shows up, copy the URL address in the address bar of the window.  Email your host and say that their configuration is blocking the call to the URL you copied (and paste it in), giving you a Not Found or Internal Server error and ask them to investigate.

These two causes usually cover most cases.  If you are still having problems, feel free to use our Contact Us form to tell us about the problem and we can work with you to find the cause.