How To

Why does the Source It Tool not find a Feed when I can see the Icon?

Source It is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.  Once installed, you can just click it when you are on a web site and capture the RSS feed for the site.  Sometimes though, you get an error that a feed could not be found.  In a few cases, this will happen even though you can see the RSS feed icon on the site or the site has a link to its RSS feed.

The reason this happens is that the way the RSS feed is coded on the web page is not standard.  We use a Google API Service that finds RSS feeds and it is usually very accurate.

If you do get this problem, just click on the RSS Icon or the link and a web page will appear that displays the RSS feed.  It may be nicely formatted or it may be in computer readable form.  Just copy the url from the browsers address bar and then use the Source Quick Add menu item to add the Source.  Give the Source a name, paste in the URL you copied earlier and assign a Link Category for the Source.