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If you have a lot of sources for MyCurator to discover content for curation, you may find that you can end up with 100’s or articles per week in your training pages.  If this goes on for months or years, will it swamp your site and slow it to a crawl?  The simple answer is no, we’ve built in several features to MyCurator so that article volume in your training page shouldn’t affect your blog.

The articles collected by MyCurator are stored in a custom post type.  While they are stored in the main wp_posts data table, there is an index on post type so that your live site will easily ignore the training articles when it looks for posts  to display.  The impact of the content collected by MyCurator should be minimal on the display of articles on your main site.

We also have an auto-delete process that removes all of the collected training articles after x days.  You can change the number  of days, default is 7, in the Admin tab of the MyCurator Options menu.  This will clean out the unused articles automatically if you never curate them into a post.  In addition, when the training posts are removed, all of the pictures attached to them are removed. This feature will keep your the storage used by the training posts to a reasonable level.

We also have bulk tools in the Training Posts menu item in the dashboard that allow  you to delete multiple articles, just like the Posts menu item.  These allow you to clean up the unused articles as needed.

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Tips on Using the Bulk Content Curation Tools in…

With version 1.3 of MyCurator we expanded the Training Posts menu item in the Dashboard.  This menu item lets you work with the articles found by MyCurator using the same format and capabilities as working with your regular Posts in the dashboard.  One of the key new features is the ability to do Bulk Curation across many articles in your training posts at once. Read more “Tips on Using the Bulk Content Curation Tools in MyCurator”