9 Powerful Ways of Effective Content Curation Content Curation

9 Powerful Ways of Effective Content Curation

If you are starting out with content curation or just want to review the key elements, this is a straightforward bullet point review.  MyCurator saves you time in your curation process, but you always want to make sure your goals are being met with your actual content and that your process is aligned with those goals.

Content Curation Content curation can play a significant role in achieving your business goals—saving time, effort, and budget in the process. From curating your own existing content to collating third party content to engaging with other curators in your niche to following social dashboards—there are a number of ways to gain traction from content curation for your business.

An Introduction to Content Curation Content Curation

An Introduction to Content Curation

This is a well written article that clearly sets out how content curation can help your site or blog.   No Marketing puff, just simple examples like the quote below.

Of course, with MyCurator, sifting through the web is so much easier.  It finds articles throughout the day that match your interests.  With some simple training you will get highly targeted articles, weeding out 90% or more of content that doesn’t match your needs.


Ever had a trusted friend share their thoughts on the latest movie you should go see, or the fabulous dessert at a new restaurant? The person didn’t just say, “Go check it out”. They probably added their opinion along with just enough details to get you interested so you’d buy a ticket and watch the movie yourself.

Content curation is like that. The more you share good quality stuff, the more reliable you become as a content resource

An Expert Guide to Idea Curation: How to Get More Ideas for Great Content Content Curation

Build a Process to Get More Ideas for Great…

This is an excellent article on a specific process to generate ideas  and content on a regular basis.  While oriented towards finding new ideas and writing posts, I think many of the steps work great for content curation too.  Building lists of ideas, gathering content and then regularly posting is the essence of a sound content marketing process.

We are constantly inspired by the amazing work of others, and we owe a lot to the deep thinking and amazing resources that are readily available within the industry.

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” – W. Somerset Maugham

This quote about writing and inspiration could work just as easily for idea curating and inspiration. We’ve found that inspiration strikes because we are consistent in our methods for finding it. We’ve erected the lightning rod. Now we wait for lightning.

Content Curation

Your First Decision: Be a News Aggregator or a…

This article highlights a choice you need to make early – do you just aggregate news or do you curate content?  As the author points out, just aggregating news for an audience does work for some niches.  It can also work if you set out to build an aggregation site from day 1 and brand it that way consistently.  Trying to be Techmeme probably won’t work, but working in a well defined niche that you promote and market consistently, can be successful.

Content curation is probably the best way to go for most of us though.  Providing value through selectivity, filtering and your own comments is a compliment to your blog or site.  This author also reviews the key points of curation.

MyCurator is the best WordPress plugin for either path.  Its range of features allows you to do straight aggregation or focus on curation.

With sharing information, there are two paths to take – you can be a news aggregator or you can curate content. The key message here is you have to be consistent – no waffling between being a news aggregrator and a content curator. Pick one.

There are some outlets, like member associations, nonprofits and those that specifically brand themselves as such, where news aggregation works. For the rest of us, content curation is the better path.

6 Keys to a Content Marketing Strategy that Takes Less Time (But Still Attracts an Audience) Content Curation

6 Keys to Efficient Content Curation

A good introductory article to content curation.  Creating an efficient process is key to making it repeatable and consistent.  Using MyCurator rather than bookmarks and other tools makes for the most efficient process for your WordPress blog.  MyCurator provides all of the techniques and processes mentioned by the author in one complete package for your WordPress site.

Think about your friend who always has the best book or music recommendations. You trust she knows what you’d like, so you seek her out for advice. And when she has something to say, you listen.

What do you get out of it?

We’ve already mentioned that a reputation for sharing quality, relevant content can earn you trust among your audience of prospects.

It can also help you maintain a steady blog and social media presence without forcing you to write tons of new stuff every week.

Flickr Creative Commons image courtesy of Patrick Gage Kelley.

Content Curation

Is Content Curation the End or the Beginning of…

Really good content curation is very difficult. This great piece makes the case that it is at least as hard and creative as writing original blog articles. With so much content out there, having an “eye” to discover the best and the writing ability to create a narrative or story for your audience is a real skill. Read more “Is Content Curation the End or the Beginning of your Marketing Strategy?”