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Multiple Author Content Curation with MyCurator

If you have a larger media or publishing site, chances are you have many authors who may be curating information.  You may have multiple categories on your blog, with a specific author responsible for each category.  Another possibility is that you are sharing author and editorial duties across many people, and using a plugin like Edit Flow to manage the process.  MyCurator can support these and other scenarios with its multiple author curation features. Read more “Multiple Author Content Curation with MyCurator”

Content Curation

The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future…

This is a post from back in 2009 by Rohit Bhargava about a new career/job classification called Content Curator.  His job description ‘manifesto’ is quoted below.  It certainly seems very prescient given how many companies are turning to content marketing, and curation, as part of their branding and advertising strategies.

I think most MyCurator clients are using curation as part of their business, blog or web strategy.  I think content curation can be a great way for sole proprietors and small business owners to build content for their sites. Read more “The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future ?”

Why Content Curation and Crowdsourcing Will Change Everything Content Curation

Why Content Curation and Crowdsourcing Will Change Everything

Tom George of Internet Billboards wrote this interesting article on curation and crowdsourcing.  He looks at how the technology giants are moving to acquire and build into the crowd sourcing and curation space.

I’ve been thinking that Content Curation is a resolution of the paradox between too much content and the difficulty of writing your own content.  Its clear there is so much content on the web, as the posts below illustrate. Curation helps filter content for your readers or clients while at the same time building content for your site. Read more “Why Content Curation and Crowdsourcing Will Change Everything”