How To

Run AI Process Timeouts

If you run the MyCurator article collection process manually (Run AI Process button on “the Topics page) you may have seen an error message such as “internal server 500 error” or it just hangs up on the Topics page screen.  Similarly if you look in the Logs – Process filter you may see the that the background process just stops without reading all of the Topics or Sources.  What is happening? Read more “Run AI Process Timeouts”

How To

How to Make Sure MyCurator Runs on Time

One of the best features of MyCurator is that it runs in the background, discovering content and pushing it to your training page throughout the day.  To do this, MyCurator uses a core part of WordPress called WP-Cron which wakes up when traffic comes to your site and looks for things to do such as run MyCurator, take out the Trash and implement scheduled posts.

The problem comes when you don’t have enough traffic on a regular basis to trigger WP-Cron.  This is especially true if you are just starting out, or are trying out MyCurator on a test site.  Without consistent traffic, the WordPress Cron will not wake up and check for things to do, so your Every 3 Hours schedule of running MyCurator won’t happen.  In fact it will tend to run when you go to the site and check it out. Read more “How to Make Sure MyCurator Runs on Time”