Content Curation

The Value Of Skilled Curation

Like many words in business today, curation is over-used and abused. Everyone’s big on curating everything they’re interested in and inspired by, often oversharing information. Anyone can look like an expert by pulling together creative and unique items from others. […]

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This article is great for keeping your eye on the best uses of content curation.  It provides a look at how an expert in the field,  Jody Turner from Culture of Future, looks at the big picture of trend research to infuse content curation.  With some of the best examples from business and social efforts, it provides some inspiration for your own curation efforts.

Jody believes it’s important to know how trend hunters capture newly coined phrases and narratives, identifying macro-trends, big picture business initiatives, and emotional landscapes that are then shared globally. Her favorites for trend hunting are out of NYC and out of London.

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