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Tips on Using the Bulk Content Curation Tools in MyCurator

With version 1.3 of MyCurator we expanded the Training Posts menu item in the Dashboard.  This menu item lets you work with the articles found by MyCurator using the same format and capabilities as working with your regular Posts in the dashboard.  One of the key new features is the ability to do Bulk Curation across many articles in your training posts at once.

While it works just like the familiar All Posts screen, there are some capabilities that I want to point out.  You can filter by Topic and by the Relevance classification.  This means you can be very selective in your bulk curation.

  1. You can use the Topic filter to work on one topic at a time.
  2. You can use the Topic filter along with the Relevance classification to work on just the good items for a Topic.  You can add several to Draft with the bulk tools, then quickly delete those that you don’t want to curate.
  3. You can review bad and not sure items for a Topic at a different time, say once a week.  Just scan for anything that should be good, then bulk delete everything else.
  4. You can change authors for the posts you are going to curate, then send them to draft for the individual authors to curate into full posts.

With version 1.3.2 of MyCurator we will be adding the feature to assign an author by Topic.  The Training Posts bulk curation page will also get a new Author filter.  You will then be able to filter out just the articles assigned to a specific author.

So why this picture?  It looks good, and it fits with the theme of focusing your work in this article (well, maybe….).

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