How To

Training MyCurator Articles on your Live Site

The training capabilities of MyCurator are a great way to find and prioritize the best content for your site.  The little green thumbs up and red thumbs down give you a simple way to provide feedback about which articles you like or don’t like.  These ‘thumbs’ are what we refer to as the training tags.  You may also see them on your live site, and this article talks about when they show up and how  to hide them.

In the Training posts in the admin you can find the training tags under the title of each article.  On the Training page, they follow at the end of each article.  You will also see them on your live site.  Don’t worry though, your visitors won’t see them.  Only Admins, Editors and Authors will be able to see the training tags on the live site.

There is an option to turn off the tags and trash icon on all posts on the live site.  Go the the Format tab in the Options menu item.  Check the option “Do Not Show Training Tags on Live Site for Admins” and they won’t appear on the live site at all.  Unless you are auto-posting items you shouldn’t really need the training tags on the live site anyway.

If you are using the training tags on the live site, the training tags can seem to appear in random ways.  There are actually several conditions where training tags don’t appear under a post on your live site.

  1. If you had previously clicked the thumbs up or down while it was in the training page, the thumbs and trash icon won’t appear on the live site.
  2. If the post is not from MyCurator, ie it wasn’t found and initially created by MyCurator, there will be no tags.
  3. If the Topic under which this post was originally found has a type of Filter (instead of Relevance) they will also not have training tags (even on the Training page in this case).