Training Videos

Getting Started Videos

View the Quick Start video to set up MyCurator using the Setup Wizard on your Dashboard and start seeing articles for curation within minutes. View the Get It video to set up and use our bookmarklet to capture content while you browse on your computer, phone and tablet. Learn about the processing and status information available on the MyCurator Dashboard with the Dashboard video.

Sources Videos

Sources are RSS feeds that tell MyCurator where to find articles. View the Sources video for an overview of Sources and the Sources menu item. Our Source It bookmarklet makes it easy to capture the RSS feed from any site that you visit. Our Google Alerts video shows how to create a Google alert, a great source of articles for your curation. The News Sources video shows how to quicly add Google News, Bing News and Twitter sources. View the Manually Add Sources video to learn how to add RSS feed sources manually.

Topics Videos

Topics tell MyCurator what keywords to look for in each article provided by your Sources. View the Topics video for an overview of Topics and using the Topics list. View the Topics Add/Edit video for details on the fields and values of the adding or editing a Topic.

Curation & Training Videos

View the Curation & Training video to learn all about the Training Posts page, curating articles and training MyCurator to find the best articles for your site. The Notebooks video highlights using Notebooks for more complex curations and helping to write your own articles. View the Logs video to understand how to tweak MyCurator processing and solve problems.