Training Videos

Begin with our Quick Start Video and our Get It video to get the basics of MyCurator and start curating content.  If you have the Pro or Business Plan Trial, watch our Planning Video for help planning your large scale site.

The Sources and then Topics video’s are the key components of MyCurator and give you in-depth look at these subjects if you have questions after the Quick Start video.  Follow on with the remaining videos to cover all of the features of MyCurator.

MyCurator Quick Start Video

An overview of using MyCurator which should get you quickly curating articles.

MyCurator Get It Tool

If you want to get started capturing content right away, while you browse sites, watch this video!

Planning your MyCurator Installation

If you have the Pro or Business Plan and plan to set up multiple Topics, a few minutes viewing this video will help you maximize your use of MyCurator.  This video gives you an overview of all of the MyCurator concepts. It then walks you through how to plan and set up multiple curated categories on your blog or site.


Adding Sources is the first step in setting up MyCurator.  Sources tell MyCurator what it should read, including blogs, Google alerts, twitter searches, news feeds – anything that has an RSS type feed.

Source It Tool

A quick look at the Source It Tool and how to use it to save the RSS Feed of any blog or site to your Sources Links file. It also works with Google Alerts.


Topics tell MyCurator what to look for when it is reading sources, as well as what to do with good articles when they are found.

Training MyCurator to Find Articles You Like

Training MyCurator to find relevant articles is as easy as clicking good or bad – this video shows you how.

Content Curation Walk-Thru

MyCurator makes it easy to curate good articles into fresh content for your blog as shown in this video.

MyCurator Notebooks

MyCurator Notebooks are a powerful tool to enhance your curated posts and write original articles. Watch the video to see how easy it is to research original articles and create complex curated posts.

[Multi] Article Curation

This video shows you how to create a round up or weekly highlight curated post from several articles on your training page. The [Multi] training tag lets you curate a complex post from several of the articles found by MyCurator.