How To

Tweet your content to MyCurator

If you are a heavy user of Twitter or some of the tools such as HootSuite or Buffer, you may find that you are tweeting content regularly.  So, does MyCurator allow you to capture your own tweets and grab the articles for future curation to your site?  Yes!  It is really easy to set up, just follow these steps.

First, you need to go to the Options menu item and click on the Twitter tab.  You will find a link to the documentation page to set up a Twitter app, which is necessary to read your tweets.

After setting up the app, you can choose News or Twitter from the MyCurator menu.  Choose Twitter search feed using the radio button, enter a name for the feed and in the Feed Keywords, enter @username – where username is your twitter handle.  You’ll need to assign the twitter search to a link category (either choose an existing or add a new one).  See our training videos and documentation on Sources for more information on Sources.

Finally, you will want to add this source to your Topic.  In the Topic page, you will see a list of link categories (Sources) at the bottom of the page.  Choose the one that you added the Twitter feed to in the previous step.

Thats it, MyCurator should begin to read your Twitter feed and pull out any articles that are embedded as a link.  It may take several hours depending on how often MyCurator runs (set in the Options page).