What is Content Curation?

You’ve Already Started!
  • By reading widely in your industry or niche you’ve seen a lot of content. Now just save the best for your site.
  • Click on the video Webinar on the right for the basics of content curation and how it can help your site get found
  • Or scroll through this page for the key highlights!

Quickly Post some Content
  • A simple curated post has your comments ‘selling’ the article to your clients.
  • A short excerpt that highlights the article’s themes.
  • And don’t forget the all important attribution link to where the article was posted!
  • MyCurator creates this basic post in the WordPress editor from articles you like.
  • Just add your comments and use our click-copy to replace the excerpt if needed!

Is Content Curation Legal?
  • Yes it is, if you follow the principles of Fair Use.
  • Don’t copy the whole article, or even a lot of it. Just a small excerpt.
  • And always, always, link to the original article website!
  • The article linked below gives a great overview.
  • We curated it from multiple sources using MyCurator’s Notebook feature.

How does Curation Get My Site Found?
  • Search engines see regular, new content showing up on your site, and they love active sites.
  • The content is also vibrant – varied and deep.
  • Well curated articles can rank higher than the originals because they answer the search question better!
  • Regular curation leads to your own content creation, further helping your site (see the next section below).

Curation is A Short Course in Writing Original Content
  • You start with short introductions and overviews, within your comfort zone.
  • Those little comments have been growing into paragraphs at times.
  • You start to gain a voice, and begin writing pieces based on several articles
  • With that practice comes confidence, and the ability to start creating your own posts and articles.
  • It becomes much more natural to sit down and write out your thoughts and ideas.
  • You can now start creating your own content!
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