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Will Content Curation lead to the Curated Web?

Here’s the gist: Disruptive web innovation comes from changes in interface. Interfaces, which make information easier to understand by mainstream users, create world-changing companies. The next stage of the web is the Curated Web, which like the stages before, […]

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I’ve seen more of these types of articles on the future of curation.  As a trend, it does seem to be gaining a lot of momentum.  I think it is also a fundamental reaction to information overload, and the inability of ‘search’ alone to make sense of it.  As curators, the users of MyCurator, Scoop.It, Storify and all of the other tools our there,  are building out their own sites with content, ideas, opinions and comments.

That is the strength of this trend, that it is building from the ground up.  With so many people trying curation in many new and different ways, it becomes a tremendous force for innovation in the web economy.

The Curated Web is characterized by a fundamentally different value to users than the social web.  Whereas Web 1.0 was characterized by content published from one-to-many and social media was about easily creating and sharing content, from many-to-many, the curated web is about capturing and collecting only the content that matters, from many-to-one.  Like all successive phases, the curated web is a response to the weaknesses of the previous phase. Users inundated with too much content are looking for solutions to help them make sense of it all.

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