Content Curation

Why Content Curation and Crowdsourcing Will Change Everything

After having spent the better part of four years curating content from renowned bloggers, journalists and authors as well as building a platform here on Internet Billboards, which has evolved into a wonderful community of content curator’s, I believe the future of digital, mobile, publishing as well as content marketing is beginning to become crystal clear.

I believe it’s imperative to pay close attention when someone like Bill Gates say’s most people think of technology and how it will change […]

Tom George of Internet Billboards wrote this interesting article on curation and crowdsourcing.  He looks at how the technology giants are moving to acquire and build into the crowd sourcing and curation space.

I’ve been thinking that Content Curation is a resolution of the paradox between too much content and the difficulty of writing your own content.  Its clear there is so much content on the web, as the posts below illustrate. Curation helps filter content for your readers or clients while at the same time building content for your site.

1. There is just too much contentContent marketing is the new advertising now. So just imagine how many articles are created daily just on the topic of content marketing alone. Some of the content being produced is just not very good. We are creating content just for the sake of creating content. No one can index that, yes not even Google.

2. Social Sites Are Full Of Spam – I can no longer make heads or tails of my Facebook feed. It’s absurd to think any human being can assimilate this much information. Also having 5000 friends is just not possible. I can barely keep up to speed with my handful of real friends that I do have, let alone 5000 people. It’s obvious people are posting to increase their likes which only intensifies the problem.