Content Curation

Content Curation Requires a Plan and Persistence

  How does single-minded persuasion of a niche topic help in the long run? To get the answer let me turn to this interview of Fraser Cain of Universe Today. Fraser Cain’s website is focused on space and astronomy […]

Brief History of the Universe

This post reinforces the message that curation takes focus and persistence to have it start to effect your SEO.  This author points out that you need to have domain knowledge, a feel for what your customer’s want, and an ability to deliver the content to match these two.

Persistence is a key to this process.  It builds your domain knowledge as you keep up with the flow of content.  Curating this content, writing your opinions, comments and ideas, also takes practice and persistence.  As you add to your body of content, you’ll get feedback and learn which content meets your readers needs.  You’ll also see which content has an SEO effect if you are monitoring your analytics.

I feel it emerges loud and clear that no matter how much you are into content curation to help your website, it doesn’t help unless the website has a clear niche to pursue, and pursue it vigorously. In other words, for any website to be known for what it is, what it stands for, both quality and quantity of contents are important. It is a question of identity of the website which should be unambiguously clear to both the crawlers and the human visitors.


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