Content Curation

YouTube Reveals A Curated Future

YouTube has a big problem. It simply has too much video. Until 2011, YouTube was a massive stew of how-to videos, squirrels on skateboards, and some wildly popular but relatively underground self-made video entrepreneurs. What wasn’t widely reported was […]

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Very interesting article on how YouTube is starting to highlight content curation on their site.  Just like written articles on the web, YouTube has so much content that search tools bring back way to much content to weed through.  You need people to curate channels and programming that a viewer will find relevant and return to.  Just like curating a niche for your blog, you will see curators building niche channels and programming on YouTube.

They also explore an idea that content creators and content curators don’t always overlap.  The skills for curation involve searching for and discovering content that will be meaningful for a community.  A focused writer may not find this easy or enjoyable.

A curator is the best one to tell a ‘meme’ story, because all that content comes from hundreds if not thousands of creators” says Rajaraman of videos like the Rebecca Black meme.  That right now is an element of YouTube that we’re focused on.

YouTube wants to turn audience members into creators of curated TV programs. Sports, Music, Entertainment. In fact YouTube has discovered that makers of content aren’t necessarily the best curators of content. Makers tend to gather up their own content, while pure curators will explore the wide expanses of YouTube – and curate content.

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